Anti-Police Brutality Rally #BlackLivesMatter

Today, the foot let me down again.

I had plans to attend a Black Lives Matter rally downtown today. I’ve been really disgusted with my foot and my personal limitations that I wasn’t feeling well enough to get up/dressed/and know that I could walk with the group; instead, I stayed home to rest after a particularly grueling week.
I’ve started working again. Physical therapy continues to drain me of all hope on an every other day basis. I went to the gym for the first time in about 3 months this past Wednesday. It certainly hurt so good; I’ve missed feeling well enough to work out and push my body towards a more healthful existence. I want to lose weight, but more importantly I want to feel healthy again. Hopefully, between my time at the gym and my upcoming surgery I will finally stop feeling betrayed by my body and my inability to accomplish many physical tasks I wish I could… like attending an important rally.

I was too bummed about staying home to really look it up today, but eventually I went onto facebook and saw this.
“APD violently attacked our group while we were assembling peacefully this afternoon. After their intimidation tactics(including deploying helicopters and cops in riot gear) failed to work, they used brute force and pepper spray to disperse protesters. They arrested 6 people. Please spread the word and donate to the yard sign project as those funds will go toward legal fees.
BLM Austin and our allies are holding vigil outside Travis county jail. They can lock us up, but they can’t stop the movement!”

I have a lot of mixed feelings about missing this. I really REALLY Wanted to go and show my support. This was an Anti-Police Brutality rally and I was stoked to participate. After the death of Sandra Bland, I’ve been increasingly concerned with Texas officers. The men who guard the Capitol building are always friendly, but I’m sure they are the best of the best. The general cop that you meet in traffic is likely to be a very different sort of fellow.
Police Brutality is a huge problem in our country and I certainly felt strongly about demonstrating my support of this issue and #BlackLivesMatter. 

I even made the smart choice to leave my concert last night early, so that I could 
hopefully get enough rest to attend the rally. Instead, my foot let me down, but seeing what pandemonium broke out… I am relieved that I stayed home to rest my body.There’s no way I was healthy enough to march, much less to fight off brutal police attacks on my person.Still, my heart goes out to those who are captive at the moment.

I will continue to work for justice and humane treatment of those who are being held prisoner by our city/county/state/federal governments. 

I will continue to proclaim that #BlackLivesMatter.