Looking back and moving forward

This past week has seen some incredible changes.

Nationally, our country has now legalized marriage. All marriage. Gay marriage. Straight marriage. Legal marriage. This is a wonderful step towards equality for the LGBTQ citizens of America.

However, there is plenty of work still to do. This is a first step towards a move civilized world for all.

Much like the country, which has been laying stagnant for far too long, I’ve been lying dormant for years.

I graduated with my Masters in 2011 and I’ve been trying for years to get my first big teaching job. In a world where people assure you that becoming a teacher, a nurse, or a doctor will ensure your financial success for the rest of your life. I heard that the world will always need teachers and that I would always be guaranteed a job. Instead, I couldn’t find a teaching job in Gainesville. I didn’t find a teaching job in Waco, and now I haven’t found a teaching job in Austin.

I began speaking with hubby a month or so ago about the stress of job hunting and the defeat that envelops me every time I begin again. It’s incredibly demoralizing to have all the knowledge, but zero opportunity to put it to use.  He pointed out that my passions usually lie in advocacy these days and that perhaps I should  chase a new career.

So, this past week, I have done exactly that.  I started looking for internships/jobs/volunteer opportunities with non profits.
Monday, I started finding ads. Tuesday, I made calls. By Friday, I had a job and an internship and a volunteer spot.

It feels amazing to know that I can work and make a difference. It feels thrilling to consider jumping into a new career path.

It’s been a tremendous time of change. What a difference a week can make.
This time a week ago, two of my friends couldn’t legally marry and I was still seeking teaching jobs.

Today, Marriage is legal.
I am no longer a teacher.
I am an executive assistant for a non-profit.

I am happy, excited, and energized to think of where I’ve come from while looking forward to where I can go.


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