Hello world!

Welcome to my blog.

On here, I plan to write about the things that plague me in daily life while I am trapped in Texas.
Education, the constant erosion of a woman’s right to her own body, and the obsession that others have with imposing their laws on other forms of love, to name a few. I’ll be writing about the imbalances of power that are present in society, as well as how strange Texas culture seems to an outsider.

A little about myself:
I am 26 years old, soon to be 27. I’ve learned to walk 3 times in the last two years. I was born in Oklahoma, but as an Army brat I’ve lived in a few interesting places across the world. Okinawa was the most exotic, but Gainesville, FL was my favorite and the closest thing I’ve ever had to a home.
I am ENFP if Briggs-Meyers tests are to be believed.

I have worked to match words with actions.
LGBTQ+ rights and legislation are also intensely personal to me and I work very hard to address the imbalances that exist in my state and local communities.  I’ve attended workshops by Equality Texas to learn about legislation and what a citizen can do to affect the outcome of any bill. I’ve walked the Capitol and spoken with state senators and state representatives on Equality Texas and Texas Freedom Network Faith Advocacy Day.
I watched Wendy Davis’ filibuster on the state senate floor and wept when it seemed that she might be cut off. I went down to Austin from Waco to Stand with Wendy and attend the rally, at a time when I could barely stand myself. I watched as she declared her candidacy while with friends in Waco.

I am passionate about a woman’s right to her own body and the equality of women in general. One of the best things I think I’ve done in my life thus far was to teach a class of kids about the concept of feminism and introduce them to the idea of strong, powerful women. Most of my kids hadn’t known that a woman can be president of something; most of them didn’t realize that women have been presidents of other nations or companies. Then, my kids started questioning why America doesn’t have a woman president.
Sorry kids. No easy answers there. It was a great discussion and reminded me of why I enjoyed teaching.

After spending some time in Texas schools, I realize that I need to find another outlet for my passions and interests.
My husband noticed that I wasn’t interested in reading/working/learning more about education so much as I was constantly engrossed in political discussions with friends. I follow news stories that affect women and I voice my thoughts passionately online often. I started this blog to have a wider audience and hopefully have some fun dialogue.

I have time, passion, energy, and strong feet. It’s time I put them to use.
I’m here in Texas to advocate for all of the voiceless.

It’s time for some change.


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